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Stratovarius - "4000 Rainy Nights"
Stratovarius - "Abyss Of Your Eyes"
Stratovarius - "Anthem Of The World"
Stratovarius - "Before The Winter"
Stratovarius - "Black Diamond;
Stratovarius - "Black Diamond 2 "
Stratovarius - "Coming Home"
Stratovarius - "Destiny"

Stratovarius - "Episode"

Stratovarius - "Forever;
Stratovarius - "Forever Free"
Stratovarius - "Holy Light"
Stratovarius - "Kiss Of Judas"
Stratovarius - "Legions"
Stratovarius - "No Turning Back"
Stratovarius - "Paradise"
Stratovarius - "Season Of Change"
Stratovarius - "SOS"
Stratovarius - "Visions"
Rhapsody - "Wings Of Destiny"
Rhapsody - "Echoes Of Tragedy"
Rhapsody - "Heroes Of The Lost Valley/Eternal Glory"
Rhapsody - "Flames Of Revenge"
Rhapsody - "Beyond The Gates Of Infinity"
Rhapsody - "Legendary Tales"
Rhapsody - "Virgin Skies"
Rhapsody - "Warrior Of Ice"

Rhapsody - "Wisdom Of The Kings"